Tulsa Area Schools Technology Symposium

September 21-22 2021
Union Multipurpose Activity Center
6836 S. Mingo Road
Tulsa, OK 7413


TASTS continues to be the premier educational technology symposium in Northeast Oklahoma.  The main focus of the symposium continues to focus on how technologies can be incorporated into the instructional process as well as new advances in various infrastructure innovations.   The symposium is designed to provide real world examples on how technology can influence the learning process.  Participants will consist of many technology directors,  school administrators, and teachers from across the state.  Numerous vendors and local school experts will present breakout sessions focusing on how new innovations/strategies/procedures can help improve the educational experience by providing training on a solution, certification courses, or other various hands-on labs

TASTS is a FREE, day and a half conference in Tulsa on September 21-22 that focuses on all things technology in a k-12 school.  The main theme for this year is centered around mobility, home internet conversations, Post COVID plans, data security, and cyber security.   Over 1.5 days, there will be over 50 different presentations covering topics such as:

  • eSports – Prepare, Engage, Achieve Esports in Oklahoma!
  • Enhancements in School Security
  • Post COVID plans:  We have a lot of technology, now what?
  • Mitigating Against a Ransomware Attack
  • Are we finally at a point to eliminate the Digital divide?

The final agenda will be posted closer to the end of summer which will include break out sessions, hands on labs, and even training. 

The event is FREE and breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided both days.  In an effort to support local business that were impacted by COVID, all food and giveaways will be sourced from locally owned shops instead of large corporate chains. 

Thanks to our many wonderful sponsors we have numerous prizes to give away. 

After the show on the first day, the conference continues for those that choose to attend a social event at a local establishment.  More information will be provided as the conference draws closer. 

We hope to see you at the event on September 21-22.   Please register at http://tasts.unionps.org/index.php/register/


For more information, please contact the registration office at 918-357-6170 or email [email protected]